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Auteur: Emese BOKSAYNÉ-PAP

Writing in a third language: Hungarian-Romanian bilingual EFL writers in a second language educational context

Abstract/Résumé: This presentation reports on research exploring Hungarian-Romanian bilingual secondary-school novice EFL writers in the process of writing a narrative composition in a first and second-language educational environment. The research looked at the participants' mental processes, the writing strategies they employed, and the dictionaries they used in the process of writing. The concurrent think-aloud method, a questionnaire and a post-task interview were employed in data collection. A coding scheme and a procedural model for multilingual writing were developed as part of the data analysis. Outcomes suggest that multilingual individuals, while writing a narrative in a third language, tend to rely more on their second language if this is the language of education as well, and that they extensively employ the writing strategies previously acquired in their first and second languages. In terms of using external reference, those participants who had as a medium of instruction their second language - Romanian - tended to consult almost exclusively the Romanian-English dictionary.