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The Impact of the Global Economy on Language Policy

Abstract/Résumé: In today’s multicultural and global society, more than in the past, the interaction between economy and language is a reality. People are more aware that it is due to processes of globalisation that the lines of force influencing geographic, cultural and social diversity and links deviate from or lose their original meaning. The key contents characterizing the link between language and economic processes in multicultural societies refer to benefits and costs related to the value of linguistic diversity, to different forms of intercultural/intergroup communication regulation, different approaches in labour market, varying distribution of language inequality, varying role of individual languages in society's economic development, and to economic advantages of the policy of teaching different languages. The paper will focus on ethnically mixed region in Slovenia where language diversity is valued. Language diversity is apart of language policy in Slovenia .The use of minority language – Hungarian or Italian – in relation to economic variables will be highlighted. Proceeding from empirical data the paper will point the differences regarding the evaluation of the use of two languages at workplaces in public institutions and private enterprises in ethnically mixed territories of Slovenia. The impact of global economy and the use of English in ethnically mixed areas in Slovenia will be also presented.