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Auteur: Terrence WILEY

Co-Auteur(s): Molly FEE, Center for Applied Linguistics, US

Rights to Language and Accommodation in the USA: The Return of 'States' Rights'

Abstract/Résumé: This paper considers the implications and impact of the reactionary construct of ‘illegal children’ within the context of language minority educational language policies. It analyzes the shift to the right in political discourse related to education and human rights. The paper revisits important United States Supreme Court case, Plyler v. Doe (1982), which established the educational rights of migrant children. Next, it focuses on the U.S. national immigration debate and provides examples of the dehumanizing discourse assault on the educational rights of language minority children. The paper provides a critical analysis of far right labeling of immigrants and their children and the strategic use of discourse to influence political perceptions of educational policy.