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Auteur: Liliane HAEGEMAN

The syntax of adverbial clauses

Abstract/Résumé: English temporal and conditional adverbial clauses are incompatible with syntactic operations usually labelled ‘Main Clause Phenomena’ (abbreviated as ‘MCP’) ‘Root transformations’ (Emonds 1970, 1976, 2004) or Main Clause Phenomena (Hooper and Thompson 1973). (1) a. *When her regular column she began to write, I thought she would be OK. b. *If these exams you don't pass, you won't get the degree. Hooper and Thompson (1973) claim (1973: 495) there is no syntactic analysis for the phenomena, and that, indeed, even a syntactic analysis could not account for the semantic/pragmatic restrictions observed. The presentation will take up the challenge that Hooper and Thompson's paper raises for the syntactician and develop a syntactic account for the distribution of root phenomena in adverbial clauses which is in line with a tradition going back to work by Geis (1970) and many others according to which adverbial clauses are derived by operator movement. On this account the restricted distribution of main clause phenomena follows from intervention effects.