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Auteur: Raoudha KAMMOUN

Gender Stereotypes and Humor in Tunisia

Abstract/Résumé: It is unquestionable that the issue of humor and Arabs has not been exaggeratingly studied; let alone that of humor and Arab women which has most probably never been considered, nor thought of as a topic of research. If funniness is not what characterizes best the Arabs nowadays, women, in general, and more particularly Arab women who still fight for a less constricted voice and a less limited say in the fabric of society do not enjoy the best reputation regarding joking and sense of humor. I have then attempted to take a closer look at this issue with a special focus on Tunisian women and their relation to humor. A questionnaire was therefore submitted to a sample of Tunisian men and women whose investigated responses revealed their opinion on various aspects of humor and gender such as differences of perception, gender settings, social and economic backgrounds, etc.