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Auteur: Alexandra RIVLINA

Creativity and Intertextuality in English-Russian Interaction Today

Abstract/Résumé: The concept of "intertextuality" was suggested by Kristeva in her elaboration of the ideas of Saussurean semiotics and Bakhtin's dialogical principle (along with the related concepts of heteroglossia, polyphony, double voice and hybridization). It covers various types of interrelations between texts and utterances and is one of the key concepts for understanding creativity in general and bilingual creativity in particular. Currently, bilingual creativity is a highly relevant issue in different fields studying the globalization of English. In World Englishes paradigm, bilingual creativity embraces "literary creativity", or the creative works of bilingual writers, "discursive creativity", or the ways bilinguals use language to affect social change, and "linguistic creativity" per se, or the creative manipulation of linguistic forms from different languages. The presentation will deal with English-Russian linguistic creativity and language play in modern Russia, i.e. with English embedded into Russian discourse for creative (imaginative, or innovative) purpose. It argues that intertextuality accounts for many cases of English-Russian creative code-switching and code-mixing in different domains, including everyday communication. Intertextuality associated with code-switching and code-mixing in English-Russian language play will be analyzed at different levels and from different perspectives: in a more traditional, rhetorical understanding of the term involving the notions of quotation, allusion, imitation, parody, intertextual bilingual puns and jingles; in a wider interactional and discursive type of analysis; from the point of view of style and genre hybridization; etc. The presentation will demonstrate how numerous references to English imbued with rich indexicality are used strategically in modern Russian discourse to convey additional expressive meanings combined with double-voiced and often contradictory socio-pragmatic meanings.