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Auteur: Nafiseh TAGHVA

Co-Auteur(s): Vahideh ABOLHASANIZADEH, Department of English language and Literature, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran Azadeh SHARIFIMOGHADAM, Department of English Language and Literature, Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran

Effects of Persian Language Prosody on Its Instrumental Music

Abstract/Résumé: Linguists and musicologists believe that the structure of the instrumental music of a culture is influenced by its spoken language. Rhythm is one of the important connections between speech and music. In speech it is the by-product of successive syllables and in music it is the by-product of notes duration. One of these quantitative methods for comparing spoken and musical rhythm was suggested by Patel and Daniele(2002). In this method duration variability of vowels in simple declarative sentences of English as a stress-timed language and French as a syllable-timed language and also the relative duration of tones of English and French instrumental music have been measured by normalized Pairwise Variability Index (nPVI). In this research in order to consider the influence of the prosody of Persian language on its instrumental music, the duration of vowels of 20 declarative Persian sentences as well as 20 declarative English sentences, that had been read by native speakers of the two mentioned languages and had been recorded with a Shure microphone in a silent room, have been measured. To consider tones of music, 35 Persian traditional instrumental music sentences and 35 English instrumental music sentences have been selected. Then relative duration of musical tones have been measured by nPVI. The results of this experiment show that means of durational variability of vowels and relative duration of music tones of Persian and English are different and the nPVI values in Persian instrumental music and spoken language are not differ so much. Hence the Persian traditional music reflects Persian language prosody. In accordance to the results of Patel and Daniele(2002), Persian language is near to French so it is near to the syllabic languages.