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Auteur: Michelle BRAZÃO

The importance of foreign languages in Saussure's studies

Abstract/Résumé: In this work we present the considerations about the importance of a foreign language in Saussure’s productions. Saussure beginning to draw his works about la langue with the contribution from the Comparative Grammar, it helped Saussure to bring the Linguistic next to its own object of studies. Proving that, at the beginning, Saussure studied many foreign languages and then, his notes about them brought good influences to what we know as Linguistic today. Languages were appearing in all Saussure’s works, however, there is one language which he dedicated more attention, and it was Lithuanian. This one was studied by Saussure for more than a decade and Saussure returned frequently to investigate and prove their theories about Indo-European and maybe about la langue, as we know in the CLG. These kinds of studies can be seen due to the amount of jobs that are currently stored in the Library in Geneva. Since the first contact with Lithuanian, Saussure dedicated a lot to this language, which was to Saussure his foreign language, it is believed that this could have an important role in the Saussure linguist theories. This way, we intent to see the moments in which Saussure studied this language, trying to see if in their theorizing, the Lithuanian had an important value for Saussure's project as the way you know in the Course.