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Auteur: I-hao WOO

Chinese resultative constructions: A comparative analysis

Abstract/Résumé: This study discusses the two types of resultative constructions: the V-V compound as in (1) and Ve-de phrase as in (2). We argue that these two types of sentences both contain Inner Aspect Phrase that is responsible for the telic reading. However, these two constructions differ in that in (1), the head of Inner Aspect Phrase contains a null morpheme while it is realized as the morpheme -de in (2). In addition, we also claim that the difference in word order between these two constructions is due to morphological requirements and we illustrate how morphology may affect syntax in the derivation. (1) Lisi ku-shi le shoupa (V-V compound resultative) Lisi cry-wet-Prf handkerchief 'Lisi cried and as a result the handkerchief got wet.' (2) Lisi ku-de shoupa dou shi-le (V-de phrase resulative) Lisi cry-de handkerchief all wet-Prf 'Lisi cried so much that he made the handkerchief all wet.'