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Détail de la contribution

Auteur: Alessandra Augusta Pereira DA SILVA

Co-Auteur(s): Vera Lúcia Lopes CRISTOVÃO, depart. Letras, Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brazil

Learning concepts in English Language Teaching Plans

Abstract/Résumé: This research aims at understanding the concepts of learning in general which are transcribed into two objects of analysis: English Language Teaching Plans and transcripts of meetings regarding the English Language area in the Language department. Survey participants are teacher-educators in the area of English language and data collection is being conducted in a state university, in Paraná, Brazil. During those meeting the English Language Teaching Plans were reviewed for the first time by the whole group. In this direction a critical analysis of the ideas projected underneath the document is made, concerning both the learning and the teaching methods and other concepts raised from two specific textual elements of the document: Methodology and Program. This research is still based on an analysis from the Interactionism Sociodiscursive theoretical and methodological assumptions, which has as their main researchers Bronckart, Dolz & Schneuwly, Machado and in English language field Cristovão and Lousada, focusing on contextual, organizational and enunciation levels, as well as Vigotski's theory. According to Bronckart (2006, 2008), the Interacionism Sociodiscursive is a human being science and it has as its main purpose the understanding of the human development in various activities, materialized in texts, always considering the social context as fundamental element prior the texts analysis itself. The contextual level is referred both a wider context and a situational one. Moreover, the texts are analyzed into two levels. The first one represents the global plan of the texts, related to the textual progression, types of discourse and types of sequences. The second one is related to the voices which are presented in the text, as well as the use of modals and lexical choices. These analyses are inserted in the context of assumptions of a hegemonic epistemological critique currently present in some studies regarding teacher education. The results point at heterogeneity of concepts, revealing certain eclecticism in the documents analyzed. The research is justified since we believe that a particular option can bring theoretical and methodological implications for the education of English teachers. Key words: concept, teacher education, teaching English language plan. References BRONCKART, Jean-Paul. Atividade de linguagem, discurso e desenvolvimento humano. Campinas, São Paulo: Mercado de Letras, 2006. ______. O agir nos discursos: das concepções teóricas às concepções dos trabalhadores. Machado, A. R; Matencio, M. L. M. Campinas, SP: Mercado de Letras, série Ideias sobre Linguagem, 2008.