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Auteur: Anne-Claude BERTHOUD

Vers une science plurilingue

Abstract/Résumé: The SNSF aims to compete in the global arena and to foster different scientific cultures at the same time. By combining these two objectives, the SNSF has committed itself to promoting English without neglecting other languages, through an explicit language policy on one hand and by launching a pilot project on the other hand. The pilot project, elaborated with the collaboration of other EU research institutions, is mainly based on the DYLAN project analytical framework and main results, considering that the use of multilingual repertoires is a resource for the construction and transmission of knowledge. It affords a plurality of perspectives, ensures that objects and phenomena are seen through different prisms and contributes to the decoding of complexity. And the question is: - in what way can the use of multilingual repertoires be a resource for science quality? Not only for scientific production but also for scientific expertise and better communication with researchers and experts? Our presentation aims to present the main lines of the project.