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Auteur: Ali Akbar ANSARIN

Co-Auteur(s): Behnam Arasteh Abbas Abad; Mohammad Reza Banan Khojasteh

Learners' Preferences towards Grammar: The Case of Isolated and Integrated Form-Focused Instruction

Abstract/Résumé: In place of categorical hypotheses for rejection or acceptance of isolated or integrated form-focused instruction (FFI) in (quasi) experimental studies, this survey was intended to gauge the complementary versus competing nature of isolated and integrated FFI from learners’ perspective. The impetus behind this study was the overwhelming lack of learner-centered surveys and over-conduction of experimental, quantitative and non-ethnographic examination of FFI. Adopting the questionnaire developed and validated by Spada et al. (2009), the researchers gave it to 454 Turkish low and high proficiency learners of English to test their preference towards grammar learning. Statistically speaking whereas, beginner learners did not have a specific preference towards isolated or integrated FFI, advanced learners showed a particular preference towards integrated FFI. The non-existence of determination among beginner learners was likely to be related to their lower proficiency. In contrast, advanced learners’ decided preference towards integrated FFI is correlated with their higher proficiency.