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Auteur: Cristóbal Pagán CÁNOVAS

Schematic integrations: Embodiment from the baby to the poet

Abstract/Résumé: Mandler & Pagán Cánovas ("On defining image schemas", forthcoming) propose a tripartite division of the cognitive structures that organize the first concepts, and which have so far come under the umbrella term of "image schemas": "spatial primitives", the first conceptual building blocks formed in infancy; "image schemas", simple spatial stories built from spatial primitives; and "schematic integrations", which use the first two types to build concepts that include nonspatial elements, such as force and emotion. This presentation explores embodied properties of schematic integrations that may remain stable throughout the life span. For this, we analyze the role of schematic integration in the formation of conceptual templates at the two extremes of human development: the first conceptualizations of force and emotion and intricate poetic imagery expressing complex affective meanings.