Session 6 - Semantics, pragmatics, discourse

Due to a number of submissions which did not really fit in the "Semantics-Pragmatics Interface" session, but which, nevertheless, belong to pragmatics and/or semantics, the Scientific Committee decided to split the 6th session in two sub-sessions: the first one 6-A is the former session 6, the second one, 6-B will complement it.

These two new sub-sessions are :

Session 6 - A : Semantics-pragmatics Interfaces, Kai von Fintel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Etats-Unis) et David Beaver (University of Texas at Austin, Etats-Unis).

Session 6 - B : Pragmatics, Discourse and Cognition, Laurence Horn (Yale University, Etats-Unis) et Istvan Kecskes (State University of New York, Albany, Etats-Unis).