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Auteur: Kumon Kimiaki TOKUMARU

Co-Auteur(s): Y. NAGASHIMA

Exploitation of the Both Variable and Constant Regions of Immunoglobulin Molecular Structure for a Concept and Grammar Complex - The Human Consciousness as Immune Networks inside Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) in the Ventricular System (VS) Hypothesis

Abstract/Résumé: To date, most of scientists have tried to explain human consciousness with neurons, synaptic connectivity, neo-cortex and electric pulses in vain. Jerne (1974, 1984) provided the author with a new hypothesis on a human consciousness and molecular mechanism of “concept” and “grammar”. According to Jerne, functions of immune cells are Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking Neurons. The hypothesis regards language as a development of spinal reflexes. Content words, “Concepts”, are almost same as instinctive signs or conditional reflexes stimuli. Biologically they are represented by FAb[Fragment antigen binding]region of B-Cell Receptors inside Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) in Ventricular System (VS). A speech consists of a sequence of syllables, which have accents, pitch and amplitude. These accents provide sufficient energy to CSF/VS via CSF Contacting Neurons for autonomous processing. Variable Regions of B Lymphocytes provide essential biological mechanism for concept. (1) Millions of Specificity between Antigens and FAb regions of Antibodies, (2) Plasticity to cope with new stimuli, (3) Networking among antibodies through mutual recognition, (4) Conversion between Analog shapes of speech signal amplitude envelopes and Digital Peptide Sequence to represent Syllables. As each Concept (C) is modulated with a relevant grammatical rule (g), and that they are expressed either as “g+C” (i.e. in French) or “C+g” (i.e. in Japanese) complex unit. It is possible that the vector component of signs, which indicate a direction and velocity of the action to non-human animals, is diverted for grammatical modulation or semantic vector. If a “g+C”/“C+g” expression is treated by a single complex unit of Variable and Constant Regions of Immunoglobulin, Fc ligand in Constant Region of Antibody is a candidate for this signal transfer.